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“The International Police Association has made the world your oyster!! Yes! Even on the salary of a police member this is possible – thanks to the organisational muscle of the International Police Association.”

IPA members wanting to travel to other Sections, whether to neighbouring countries or abroad can enjoy a wonderful and fulfilling experience. IPA provides members across the world the chance to experience exotic destinations – while in the care of people who share a common interest by providing safety and security. IPA South Africa has developed IPA Travelling Procedures which act as guiding principles for those IPA members who wish to undertake an international travel and is directed at ensuring that all travel arrangements are undertaken within accepted norms and timeframes.

The INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL FORM MUST BE USED when IPA groups or individuals require assistance from other Sections they are planning to visit.  It does not need to be used where personal contacts are already in place, i.e. regular group exchange visits, visiting friends, etc.

The following is to be noted:

The applicant is responsible to make all reservations personally and accountable for all payments;
IPA South Africa will only provide recommendations and contact information regarding accommodation;
IPA South Africa will not be making any bookings or reservations on behalf of the member/s travelling;
IPA South Africa will not pay any deposits on behalf of the member/s or be liable for any account payments.
IPA (SA) members wishing to travel abroad are requested to coordinate such travel with the IPA Travel Secretary