Music of the IPA IPA Hymn & Amikeco

The IPA Hymn is a march with classic background which and was initially presented as the “Hymn of Friendship” by the French Section and was first played at the 8th International Congress, held in Toronto, Canada during 1966.

French lyrics by Pierre-Marie Guillemot
Music Composition by Alfred Couat
Music by the French National Police Band conducted by the Deputy Principal Officer – Pierre Bigot.

Amikeco – The IPA Friendship Song is a creation of IPA Section Brazil, written and composed by Ademir Junior, a Brazilian Fireman and Saxophonist. The IPA Friendship Song was written as a tribute to all IPA members for their ideals, values and principles.
It is a message to mankind about the gift of serving
through friendship.


The IPA Hymn

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The IPA Friendship Song

The Amikeco by IPA Brazil