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Gimborn Castle The IPA's Information & Education Center

Gimborn Castle

The Information and Education Centre, Gimborn Castle (IBZ) is an international meeting and further education facility, especially for police officers, staff members in public administration and the judicial system, well known across German borders. Their core competencies are the individual planning, organisation, and execution of seminars, conferences and feasts of all kinds.

The association “Informations- und Bildungszentrum Schloss Gimborn” was founded in 1969, and is being supported by 560 members in more than 30 countries.

The founding of the IBZ had been strongly supported by the IPA section of North Rhine-Westphalia and the IPA section of the Netherlands. Since 2010 the IBZ holds and maintains the ISO 9001:2008 standards, an internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems.

Meeting people from all over the world plays a central role at the IBZ. The variety of methods, an individual atmosphere, the ambience of the rooms, and the beautiful surroundings contribute to an interesting experience. The IBZ covers a wide range of police related seminars, including main current social issues, but also topics like communication, health management and professional development.

The IBZ gives the opportunity to meet people, to discuss new ideas, exchange experiences, intelligence, and information. The encounter with others enhances skills, and new ideas, and sometimes even solutions.

Close to Gimborn is an extensive network of hiking trails leading through nature reserves as well as sports facilities. The IBZ is situated approximately 50km east of Cologne, in the centre of West Germany.