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Arthur Troop Scholarship

Arthur Troop Scholarships are awarded annually, at least one for each continent in which IPA Sections exist – Africa, America, Australasia, Asia and Europe.

Each Scholarship consists of a bursary as determined by the International Committee that is to be used for a seminar at the International Conference Centre IBZ Schloss Gimborn or a comparable institution.


Who qualifies for the scholarship?

Applicants must have been a member of IPA for at least one year before applying and the scholarship must be taken between 1st January and 31st December following the  grant of the scholarship (extensions not granted).

The study Scholarship may be awarded to any IPA member of a police service, but is predominantly targeted at the younger members. 

How to apply?

Contact us for a Arthur Troop Scholarship application form or see our home page for announcements.

Applications forms and a supporting letter to verify membership will be processed through the IPA (SA) Head Office then will be send to the International Administration Centre.