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Arthur Troop Founder of the IPA

Image of Arthur Troop

Arthur Troop

Arthur Troop, the Founder of the International Police Association (IPA), was during 1936 a young Sergeant at the Lincolnshire Police, England, and had prior to World War II already established pen-friendships with many people across the globe which had largely gone lost during the years of the war. Following the end of hostilities of World War II, Arthur recognised the need for friendship and trust among the people of the world and took a bold step to re-kindle these pen-friendships, but restrict his activity within the world of Police Officers. He was soon thereafter again corresponding with fellow Officers throughout Europe, all of whom believed in spreading the simple message of friendship throughout the world.

Arthur had set himself the objective to create an organisation, which promoted friendship and co-operation among serving and retired Police Officers throughout the world, and which would be able to develop social, cultural and professional links free of any discrimination of, rank, sex, race, colour, language or religion among police officers.
Driven by his passion and commitment, the International Police Association was officially founded on January 1st 1950.