National Newsletter December 2016

Compiled by:

Elbie Gore
National Editor


Dear IPA members.

The Year 2016 with all it had to offer and taught has come to its end. We are all with excitement looking forward to what 2017 will bring to us all. May we take the positives of 2016 and apply it throughout 2017.

The IPA too has over the past year had its highs and lows. We will foster the highs for years to come, but so too will we take out of the lows those aspects that will guide as Committees to align the Association to the benefit of our members, law enforcement officials and society by large. The cause of the IPA still remains sound and filled with integrity.

As an Association that is built around the principle of friendship, it is the responsibility of the members to keep the aspect of friendship high and to fulfil the motto of Servo per Amikeco – Service through Friendship in our daily lives.

Wishing you all a most wonderful Christmas with your families and friends. May 2017 bring about joy, happiness, and love to you all.

H (Vossie) Vos


During the elective Conference of IPA South Africa hosted by the Garden Route Region held on 23 & 24 October 2016, the 17th National Executive Committee (NEC) was re-elected for a term of 4 years (2016 to 2020).

In alignment with the International Statutes, the positions of Vice President have been abolished and renamed to that of National IPA Chairpersons and linked to specific portfolios. Additionally, the NEC portfolios of the past Vice Presidents have been aligned to ensure that we maintain a focused approach towards social & cultural activities, IPA marketing, and enhancement of our role within the civil society through socio-welfare and wellness initiatives.

The NEC as duly re-elected comprises of the following:


H (Vossie) Vos

Vice President:

National IPA Chairperson – Social & Cultural:

Jakkie van Litsenborgh

National IPA Chairperson – IPA Marketing:

Johan van der Merwe

National IPA Chairperson – Socio Welfare & Wellness:

Lizèl Pretorius

Secretary General:

Tessa Deyzel

National Treasurer:

Andrè de Bruin
IPA-SA NEC 2016-2020

IPA-SA NEC 2016-2020

The NEC is truly humbled for having been re-elected and the trust placed in it. The past term of the NEC has seen much work being done around the identification of key strategic objectives and goals leading to the development of an integrated IPA Strategy. The emphasis of the IPA Strategy is strongly aligned towards the growth and sustainability of the IPA. In this regard, the cornerstone of our strategy is built around creating visibility of the IPA through an effective marketing strategy and in context of being a multi-cultural nation, transforming the IPA into a truly multi-cultural association will receive high priority.

The following 3 key strategic objectives will drive the IPA Strategy going forward:

Social & Cultural Relations: The development, enhancement and promotion of cultural and social relations amongst IPA members, policing services and the public by initiating, organising & participating in IPA organised events, or by participating in other non-IPA organised events.

Marketing & Recruitment: To develop and deploy a dedicated IPA marketing strategy as well as material in order to recruit new members and retain existing members.

Socio-Welfare & Wellness: To foster financial and other mutual assistance in the social sphere and to contribute, within the limits of IPA’s abilities, to the improvement of the lives of those in need – i.e. IPA members, police officials or the members of the community.

We will also, however, in the context of integrated stakeholder relationship management, continue to create and enhance the bonds of friendship between the various policing services with the objective to promote co-operation amongst the said services, to improve community-police relationships and to create a better understanding of their professional environments.


2017 as all delegates present committed themselves to, will see an extensive drive towards marketing and recruitment. Growth in our membership is for the survival of the IPA of critical importance. We have set ourselves a target of growing the IPA by at least an additional 3500 members during 2017. In this regard, we have also engaged with a professional marketing consultant to assist us with a dedicated marketing strategy and campaign.

We are making a call to all our members to also assist by recruiting new members – if each of us just recruits 1 x new member we can with ease achieve this target.

A drastic increase in membership will also benefit our members. It will place the Committees in a position to plough back to members and in the long run, could even result in a decrease in annual membership fees. Please assist with this drive and remember, the first year of membership is free.


Unfortunately, no organisation, how big or small it may be, can sustain itself if it does not have sufficient funding. So too the IPA and whose funding is 99% forthcoming from the annual membership fees.

With our last increase having been in 2010, the cost of running the IPA has increased. A decision was taken at the past National Council Meeting to increase the annual membership fee from R210.00 to that of R300.00 per year – this has become effective on 1 November 2016.

The monthly deduction of SAPS members has increased to R25.00 per month. All other members who fulfill their annual membership fee through Debit Order, EFT or Cash will annually be liable for a once off payment of R300.00.


One of the strategic objectives of the Association internationally is that of establishing IPA Houses to the benefit of our members, of which there is currently 61 in operation across the Globe.

Unfortunately due to the cost of running such facilities Sections do not always find it financially viable to establish new IPA Houses.

For that reason, the IPA Sections have over years entered into agreements with owners of privately owned facilities at which accommodation is provided to IPA members at a reduced cost – known as “Other IPA Accommodation”. These facilities vary from hotels, accommodation at resorts, guest houses, camping sites, private homes and apartments, etc.

Internationally there is about 400 such facilities available. The Socio-Cultural Committee of the IPA is busy with a program to have all these facilities documented into one reference guide and to make it available on the International Website.

Although IPA South Africa who already have a few such facilities, it is our objective to grow the numbers. The basic principle is that the owners/management of such facilities are to provide accommodation to paid-up members of the IPA at a discounted rate.

The IPA in its turn commits itself to marketing the facility as Other IPA Accommodation on its Website, Newsletters and other forms of communication to members – locally and internationally.

Our members have access to many such facilities and probably know the owners and management thereof. It is with this in mind that we call on our members to support this drive and if you come across any facility where the owners/management are willing to provide accommodation to our members to please forward such to either your Regional Committee or the National Administrative Centre.

Upon receipt of such details we will contact the facility management and formalize a discounted agreement.

Target: To have an additional 30 x Other Accommodation on our books by the end of 2017.
Latest Facilities Available: Hereunder, information regarding two new facilities and one facility where additional accommodation is available:

SaltyCrax Backpackers & Guest House (Cape Town)

EL YOLO OnE (Central Karoo)

Thandamanzi Cottage & House (Kruger Park)

More information about these and other facilities will be available on our website soon.


The new closing date for the National IPA Photo Competition is 31 January 2017. So ….. start sorting your best of the best and enter. Your photo may be the one.

There are three categories namely, Wildlife Category, Policing Category and Open Category.

Visit our webpage for more information and the entry form.
2017 IPA Photo Competition

Jakkie Van Litsenborgh
Chairman : Social and Cultural Commission
IPA South Africa

2016-2017 photo competition


During the 2016 National Council Meeting of IPA South Africa, Ms Thato Matlanyane, 1st Vice President of IPA Lesotho had on behalf of the President of IPA Lesotho, for his contribution to the IPA and specifically with regards to the African Task Team, honored the President of IPA South Africa (Vossie Vos) with a Traditional Basotho Blanket.

Left to Right: Thato Matlanyane (1st Vice President - IPA Lesotho), H Vossie Vos, Thato Mokoteli (Secretary General - IPA Lesotho) Dirkie Vos, Tumisang Bereng (Treasurer – IPA Lesotho).
Left to Right: Thato Matlanyane (1st Vice President – IPA Lesotho), H Vossie Vos, Thato Mokoteli (Secretary General – IPA Lesotho) Dirkie Vos, Tumisang Bereng (Treasurer – IPA Lesotho).

The Basotho tribal blanket (Seanamarena) is such a common sight in Lesotho, that tourists tend to assume that it was a local invention. However, its origins can be traced back to the European traders and missionaries as far back as the 1800’s. The popularity and assimilation of the blankets by the Basotho people can be traced back to one single incident.

A blanket was presented to the then King, King Moshoeshoe I in 1860 by a man by the name of Mr. Howel. The King was by all accounts quite taken with the blanket (“a handsome railway wrapper made of light blue pilot cloth, heavy and hairy”) and wore the blanket in preference to his then neglected traditional leopard skin karosses.

The blanket has become part of not only their everyday life, various blanket designs have become a symbol of recognition. To outsiders, it became a mark of ethnicity and therefore a token of cultural identification. In fact, Lesotho is the only nation south of the Sahara that illustrates the culture of an entire nation through such an individualistic item such as the tribal blanket.

What makes the Basotho blankets unique is the layout of the design, the various symbols used, the bold colour combinations and the characteristic pin-stripe. The visible stripes on the blankets are known as “pin-stripes”. According to historical records, these 1cm stripes originally came about as a weavers fault. Instead of correcting this fault, the manufacturer shipped them with the “pin-stripe” which subsequently became a traditional feature.


The idea of going on holiday to South Africa, started during 2015, when Elbie Gore was staying with us during the summer. During our conversations, the wish arose that we would love to go on holiday in South Africa. This is how we came in contact with Ulrich “Ulli” Gehring, one of the founding members of IPA SA and who is also a registered Tour Guide, and he can help to organize IPA tours within South Africa.

As we only had two weeks at our disposal, Ulli was able to give us valuable tips for our sojourn per e-mail. In that way I could adjust our trip to the “Garden Route”. In the end Ulli assisted us with the reservations of accommodation at the hotels and much, much more.

End of September 2016 the journey could start with the three of us – me, my husband Thomas and our son Samuel departed from the International Airport of Zürich, Switzerland.

We flew with Emirates airline via Dubai to Cape Town. After arrival, we received our rented car, and thanks to a “Navi” we found our Hotel (B&B) in Table View (near Milnerton) without hassles. Only problem we experienced is driving on the left hand side of the road, and the first traffic circle was a challenge. However that was no problem anymore after travelling for a few Kilometres.

Ulli expected us at the hotel, and at last we could meet in person, after all the e-mail contact. Ulli presented more travel and other information for our journey. As we arrived very late at the hotel, we did not have time for a long conversation. We just met, and Ulli had to depart again. But, fortunately, this was only for a short time, as Ulli had organized a welcome function for the next day – with the IPA committee of the West Coast Region, Cape Town. I was very happy about this, as I would meet Elbie again.


The next day we drove to the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point. With the first impressions of South Africa, we arrived at the Hotel in Table View/Milnerton in the late afternoon. Not much later we were heartily welcomed by the IPA committee, Jakkie and Alfie van Litsenborgh, Ulli Gehring, Elbie Gore and Rodney Jacobs. Elbie presented a typical South African gift of Dried meat – named Biltong with a delicious bottle of red wine. After this we enjoyed a wonderful “Apéro” (snacks) which was organised by the IPA West Coast Region, Cape Town. But the time was too short again, and we had to bid farewell to Ulli, Elbie and all the other friends.

During the following close to two weeks, we drove from Milnerton to Oudtshoorn, Colchester, Kariega Settlers Drift, Stormsriver, Knysna, Arniston and the last back to Cape Town. During our tour, we visited the Cango Wildlife Ranch, the Addo Elephant Park, participated in game-safaris at the Schotia Game Reserve, the Kariega Game Reserve, and the Tsitsikamma Costal Park. We also visited the Monkeyland, several beaches and Cape Aghulhas – the most Southern point of the continent of Africa, Hermanus, Betty’s Bay and at last the Cape Town Waterfront.

For the three of us, it was an unbelievable beautiful and unforgettable tour. We were able to meet many friendly people, were able to view plenty of game, and see a small part of the unbelievable landscape of South Africa, as well as tasting and enjoying the delicious red wine (Pinotage) . We also participated with a typical South African Braai (Barbeque) during one of our safaris. We could breathe in the fresh Ocean air of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans – and much, much more…

Of all our experience, we enjoyed the Kariega Game Reserve at the Settlers Drift Camp, the most of all. We felt like royalty. The wonderful big and, for us luxurious tented Lodge was “out of this world” and indescribable. Apart from the spiders – which my husband did not like at all – was this Lodge perfect. From our Lodge, we could see as far an eye can take us – numerous game of all sorts. I could hardly breathe and it felt like being in paradise. Our personal Ranger, Wayne, did his utmost best, in order that we can see as many game as possible from his Jeep. Also the “march on foot” was very impressing. To come so near to the game, was a never forgettable experience.

Unfortunately these two weeks passed much too fast, and we could only see a small part of your lovely picturesque country. The time for going back came suddenly, and was meant to say farewell.

Elbie, and the committee of the IPA West Coast Region, we thank you for the friendly reception in Milnerton. Elbie, everything of the best for you and the organisers for the IPA world Youth gathering you are organising for 2017. I am now already positive that it will be a huge success.

I would especially like to thank Ulli very much, for his indefatigable assistance for the organisation of this South African Tour. Through his e-mails we felt beforehand, that he likes the organisation of such a tour with all his heart, and hope that this will keep him busy for many years to come.


Ulli, we are coming again!

Servo per amikeco,

Monika Bader
IPA Region Beider Basel
Past member NEC of the IPA Section Switzerland


The West Coast Region of IPA took the opportunity to market IPA at the SAPS Western Cape Soccer, annual prestige prize giving event.  The event was held at Pinelands on Friday 28th October 2016.  IPA West Coast sponsored trophies for this event.

Alfie & Jakkie van Litsenborgh organized an IPA exhibition in the foyer of the hall where the prize giving took place. The overall interest that was shown in the IPA was very welcoming.   Various members stopped, looked and listened and were keen to learn more about the IPA.

The project proved to be well worthwhile and we are very excited to continue along this route, to support our members who participate in sport and to recruit more members for IPA.



Another eventful day in the year program of the IPA West Coast Region evolved on Saturday 8th October 2016 at the farm Windhoek in the Yzerfontein/Darling area.

With the full support of “Weskus ou Motorklub”, we launched our first motor show and attracted the local community with special potjiekos food.

An enjoyable outdoor day was ended with a real farm barn dance in the hanger on the farm.

The entrance fee was a mere R20.00 and our aim was to make it affordable for our members, family, and friends to attend. Fortunately, we covered all costs and hosted the event at no cost for our region.



The West Coast Region decided to celebrate Heritage Day, Saturday 24th September 2016 on the Piggy’s Party Bus. The bus departed at 09:00 from the Blue Peter Hotel in Blaauwberg .  As we were travelling along we gathered those waiting along the route and soon the bus was carrying a maximum load of passengers. A pleasure-trip started. Full of joy and contagious laughter we were on our way to Stellenbosch.

The encouragement of our friendly hostess and helpful bar lady made everyone blossom. The bus driver guided the bus through the traffic and merely we continued towards our destiny at Root 44 Market, Stellenbosch.

At the venue we started scouting the area in real earnest. Wine- and food tasting tickled the palate. All the different types of food, made selection difficult, but everyone seemed to satisfy their taste.

After spending time strolling around the endless stands and stalls on site, we came to rest and relaxed under the shade of very beautiful trees. We listened to musicians playing music and refreshed ourselves with the best of wine Stellenbosch can offer. 


When it was time to depart we marched towards the Piggy’s Party Bus, but didn’t know what to expect. Our hostess was waiting at the bus; we knew she had some plans up her sleeve. As soon as everyone was on the bus, s he started distributing various different types of wigs, hats and other party gear. The gala was on. The D.J. played music for the occasion and the singing and dancing started. Pole dancing and performing acts called for fulltime photographers to scramble for the best action photos.

The bus took a detour and we travelled via Cape Town, the Waterfront and Green Point to the Blue Peter Hotel.

This is one Heritage Day we will never forget.

Piggy’s Party Bus is tops!

Alfie Van Litsenborgh
Treasurer: IPA West Coast



No matter how small the action, Mandela Day is about changing the world for the better, just as Mr Mandela did, every day.

Our aim this time round was to give a gift of appreciation to our SAPS members on duty the 18 of July.  With the help of Barbara Tudor of Barbara’s Cakes by Design, we were able to distribute boxes of delicious homemade Austrian shortbread to 15 different police stations from Cape Town all the way op to Redelinghuys and Eendekuil.



If only you could open your eyes, you’ll notice that in every community there are people in need, battling to make ends meet.

Recently we became aware of a middle aged couple who found themselves accommodation in a derelict house on a farm near Yzerfontein. With only a bed and a gas stove they struggled to survive.

As one of the IPA’S objectives is to foster assistance in the social sphere and to contribute to the improvement of the lives of those in need, we decided to support the couple.

We started the project, assisting them to renovate the house by donating a new front door, securing their safety.  With the support of our members we were able to hand over clothing and food. We envisage continuing with the project to assist them to become proud and self supporting members of the community.

Alfie van Litsenborgh
Treasurer : IPA West Coast




On the 2nd of September the West Coast Region embarked on an Educational Evening. This time it was to educate ourselves on the history of whisky and the art of tasting Whisky. Thank you to Alan Shuman for presenting this evening and thank you to all who joined us at Club Mykonos.



Russia took “Service through Friendship” to another level.  Their amazing hospitality and warming welcome really made me feel at home. We were welcomed in the Moscow and St Petersburg IPA offices with open arms, Vodkas, local foods and more vodka.

Thanks to the Russian IPA I had such a fantastic time in their lovely country. 



From the 12th till the 22nd November 2016, members from IPA Hessen, Germany toured South Africa. Here follows their report-back:

After two fantastic journeys to the USA, the “Cops on Tour” started this year in South Africa, where we travelled along the Garden Route – a fascinating and impressive piece of the country.

On 11th November we departed Germany with anticipated joy and good-humoured we arrived approximately 10 hours later in Johannesburg and from there continued to Port Elizabeth, actually being the actual start of our journey. We were met by our  Tour Guide and in a modern Coach, we travelled straight to the Addo National Park, where we stayed in comfortable Lodges for the first two nights.  From here we were taken on successful game drives with open safari vehicles. Early in the morning, some of us were even lucky to be able to watch some lions at a nearby waterhole from their chalets.

After the first two nights we continued our journey along the Garden Route in the direction of Knysna. We travelled through colourful and wonderful landscapes, with the highlight being the roaring waters beneath a suspension bridge in the Tsitsikamma National Park along the Indian Ocean.

In the afternoon we arrived at the small town Knysna – situated at the banks of a lagoon, where we undertook to an eventful trip on a Pedal Cruiser on the lagoon , ending the day with a delightful dinner in the small Waterfront and yacht harbour. We slept in very comfortable wooden chalets right next to the lagoon. As we would have liked to stay another night, we departed with a sore heart, as our full program could not permit an extra day, as we still had many kilometres of travel ahead of us.

After our breakfast, we travelled through the rural-romantic hilly “little Karoo” on to Oudtshoorn. We visited the Cango Caves, one of the most beautifully Cave System in the world, where our local guide gave a breath-taking  performance song inside a 18 meter high hall inside the cave.  We also visited an ostrich farm.

Next we travelled along the Route 62 through the Swart Berg Mountains, and on the way had an unforgettable Cherry tasting – and on to our next destination – the wonderful city of Stellenbosch – the second oldest town in South Africa, where we stayed in the historical “Stellenbosch Hotel”.

Next morning the “Taal Monument” in Paarl was our destination, from where we had a lovely view over the whole country side. A Picnic Lunch was enjoyed at the Allée Bleue Wine Estate under clear skies, and then Franschhoek. In the afternoon we arrived at our wonderful Hotel at the Waterfront in Cape Town, from where we could individually visit the Waterfront and surroundings. Next morning we went on a city tour – but unfortunately we could not ascend the Table Mountain because of strong winds on the said day.

On the 9th day of our journey, we departed on a full day tour to the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Cape Point presented us with an indescribable view of nature.

The next day was “at leisure” and everyone could do their own things , shopping, Leisure flights, boat trips, Table Mountain, sport etc. Anything you wanted to do was present.

The next Monday was our official visit to police establishments. We visited the highly modern and top security Forensic Science Laboratory, which we could only visit thanks to the good relations from our Cape Town colleagues and as such the International Police Association – IPA . We were divided into smaller groups and as such, different colleagues explained their daily duties in detail – such as annualizing and testing of documents, drugs and fire arms. Quite a few of us were actually baffled when we noticed how modern and effective work is done at this institution.


After this visit we went to the CCTV operational rooms, and had an overview of the video surveillance of the city. To counter the daily dangers in the city, a big part of the city is covered 24 hours a day by video. Despite our country due to current data protection hysteria – in Cape Town, it is a very successful method to ensure safety.


Crime in the streets, could be curtailed up to 75% due to this kind of surveillance. But not only criminal activities are in focus.  At a rate of 18,000 pedestrian crossing the high ways daily (!) many are involved in fatal accidents, CCTV is also more than helpful. Still, not only criminals or careless pedestrians, but the whole traffic system as such is monitored.

Whilst a certain section are monitoring the highways, others the criminals, another section is concerned and helping the public by phone or otherwise, how he or she can get from A to B,  by walking, with a taxi,  by  bus and/or by train. They are even helpful with the weather report – a compressed service which is not imaginable like this in Germany.


The highlight of this program, was the visit in the evening to the IPA in South Africa. We were visiting our own IPA  friends! In the Timour Hall Villa, probably the nicest IPA Hospitality house of the IPA in the world, we were invited to a traditional Braai (comparable to our Grill).

In the company of former colleagues from Germany and South Africa we had a pleasant exchange and an unforgettable evening, where everything was thought of!

We would like to conveys our special gratitude to Colonel Jakkie van Litsenborgh – who is not only a vice President of the IPA South Africa but also the Chairman of the West Coast Region – for making both the visit to the Forensic Laboratory and the CCTV a possibility, and particularly Ulli Gehring, who has been in South Africa since his childhood and did his police service for many years in South Africa.

Hospitality is written in big letters in South Africa.


To describe our Journey in the lovely South Africa is not describable in one word only, it must be seen to believe.

Maybe in two words – unforgettable and incomparable. And this only touches the surface.

In South Africa, the clocks run slower, the wind blows non-stop and the sun shines hot! And some of us will be visiting this remarkable country again! That is non-disputable.

IPA Hessen, Germany



October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a worldwide annual campaign involving thousands of organizations to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education and research.

During this month the aim is to get as many people as possible involved in raising awareness.

In order to join in this campaign, the region supported the ladies of Milnerton SAPS to host a beautiful morning tea.



Richard Carstens and Piet Van Der Merwe of the Jacaranda Region visited the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix and met with members of the Bahrain Police.



Gordon Billing (Chairperson) and Wayne Narainen (member) handed over a donation of R500.00 to Rowen Taylor from Santa Paws.  The donation will go to a worthy cause.  This form part of our social responsibility programme for 2016.
Gordon Billing (Chairperson) and Wayne Narainen (member) handed over a donation of R500.00 to Rowen Taylor from Santa Paws. The donation will go to a worthy cause. This form part of our social responsibility programme for 2016.
Santa Cause for Paws started in 2013, where they collected gifts for animals in JHB, PTA and Durban, they have recently branched out to a number of other areas in South Africa. They are 100% volunteer driven and rely on the public to make their project a success. The aim is to collect gifts for animals in need. Beneficiaries of the project are either shelters that have dogs or cats (or both), or they are organisations that sterilize and feed animals in poorer communities. Click the image to visit their website and find out how you can help.



Gordon Billing (Chairperson) met up with 2 sisters from Illinois, USA. It was the last night of their 2 week holiday and they were staying at a hotel in Melrose Arch. Ariana (left) is a 911 dispatcher and Alexandra (right) is a patrol officer in Arlington Heights, Illinois. They were a great family and very chatty. We had a nice visit over a few cold ones where patches were exchanged. They were saying they would like to return, so maybe one day we will see them again.


Nick Firfillis receives his 10 Year IPA Membership Certificate
Nick Firfillis receives his 10 Year IPA Membership Certificate
Harry Berman receives his 30 Year IPA Membership Certificate
Harry Berman receives his 30 Year IPA Membership Certificate


I received an e-mail from IPA National Office to say that the IPA 61st World Congress was to be held in Auckland New Zealand in October 2016. I applied to attend as a visitor as my sister and her family live in Auckland. I wrote to the organizers as I would not be staying at the hotel and was given a special price as my wife and I would be staying with my family.

I made contact with Peter Schreivogel who was my 2 IC in the Police and an IPA member in South Africa many years ago. We flew from OR TAMBO on Tuesday 27th September with QANTAS and had one stop in Sydney. The Security at Sydney and Auckland Airports was excellent and the staff very friendly. Peter fetched us from the Airport on Thursday morning 29th September at 01:30 and we stayed with him and his family for two days at his farm. Peter and his Father in law Mike also took us sightseeing to various seaside venues and parts of the North Island. I saw how a first world country operates. It rained almost every day, the fields are green, the cattle and sheep are fat, everywhere is clean, no car guards, nobody selling anything at the robots, all robots work and the robots are designed for the blind and the deaf, no burglar bars on the houses or High walls, the bus system works. I was never told to watch where I walk as I might get attacked. All vehicles have to have a Roadworthy (Warranty of Fitness) every six months and the certificate is on the windscreen so no scrap vehicles on the roads

On Saturday Peter took us to my sister who also lives on the North Island.

Tuesday 4th October was registration day and I went to the Grand Millennium Hotel in Auckland City on the South Island to register, this is where the Congress was to be held. The IPA New Zealand members in attendance were very helpful. People were asking me why our Rugby team was playing so badly.

Wednesday morning 5th we had the Official Group Photo and then there was a Parade from the Hotel to the Auckland Town Hall about 500m away for the Opening Ceremony, in front were the New Zealand Police cars then a Scottish pipe Band followed by a platoon of New Zealand Police Men and Woman,  then all the IPA Delegates, Observers, Visitors and Partners in rows of four.  IPA members could wear their National Police uniforms and to see members from about 60 countries in their different Police uniforms was outstanding. After being addressed by the various dignitaries we went back to the Hotel for lunch. IPA SA President Vossie Vos got permission for me to sit in and attend the proceedings of the Congress which was very professionally conducted, they also had translators to translate for the various Languages and two large Screens displaying information. The members of the International Executive Board were all given time to give their Reports.

Thursday 6th all the Visitors were taken by bus to the HARBOUR where we took a Ferry to the South end of the North Island, we then got back into the busses and were taken to a Wine farm for wine tasting and where we had lunch, then to a Cheese factory where we tasted different types of cheese, then to a Honey shop where we were able to taste different types of Honey, they also make wine from honey, before returning to the Hotel for supper. 

Friday 7th the Visitors were at our leisure. Friday night we all went to the Sky City Hotel and Casino for dinner about 5 minutes walk from the Grand Millennium Hotel.

Saturday morning 8th there were five Luxury busses to take the 200 of us sightseeing, 1st stop was at the docks where there are hundreds of private yachts and  boats, then to a very large Park where we could walk around. After some more sightseeing we were taken to Eden Park Rugby Stadium the home of the ALL BLACK RUGBY TEAM, we were taken for a tour of the Stadium from bottom to top even a look inside the All Blacks change room, then onto the field where we were given Rugby balls to kick around, we had lunch there and were given a talk on the events that take place at the Stadium and various Rugby matches that have taken place over the years including when they had Riots when the SPRINGBOKS played there in the 90’s.


The busses then took us to a seaside village and we were given the option to go back to the Harbour by Ferry or go back by bus to the Hotel. Saturday evening was the IPA New Zealand Section 50th Anniversary dinner and farewell at the Grand Millennium Auckland Hotel where Certificates were given out and presents were exchanged as many of the Delegates and participants were leaving early on Sunday morning to fly back home.

Sunday 9th my sister took us to her office which is on the 17th floor of a building where on one side you can see out to sea and the ships sailing into the Harbour and the other side you can see most of the North Island.  

Tuesday morning 11th October at 05:00 we took a Shuttle to the Airport and after a 19 hour flight we arrived back in South Africa on Tuesday at 18:00.

I would like to thank IPA New Zealand Section for a great Program that they hosted. Next year 2017 the IPA 62nd World Congress is in Bulgaria in October. If you have the time and the money it is worth going as a visitor.


During one of our Committee meetings we decided it is that time of the year again to donate to the less fortunate, because that is what IPA stands for. We decided to go with a project that was initiated by our Local Newspaper the Roodepoort Record. Project: Old Toppie.

This project was geared towards men of age in the various old aged homes in and around the Roodepoort area. By supporting this projects gift bags was made up of various basic necessities. The bags contained a facecloth, soap, cotton buds, disposable razor and blades, toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant.

On Friday 25/11/2016 Lourens Prinsloo and I delivered the goodie bags at the offices of the Roodepoort Record.

Below is an extract of the news article published on their website on 28/11/2016.

“That was until members from the International Police Association (IPA) Johannesburg Region stopped at the Record’s offices to drop off their surprise.

The IPA is an international, independent, apolitical body made up of members of police services, whether serving or retired, and without distinction as to rank, sex, race, colour, language or religion. The purpose of the IPA is to create bonds of friendship and to promote co-operation amongst its members and other police services.

The surprise was 10 more ‘Ou Toppie’ bags, which brings the number of bags collected to a staggering 171. This project would not have been possible without the community who opened their hearts to help other people’s fathers and grandfathers.”


IPA JHB also acknowledges “Roodepoort Record” for the use of the photo above.

We will again identify another project to donate to in the New Year. If any member feels he want to contribute to our next project you are welcome to contact the Chairperson, Gordon Billing.

Servo per Amikeco


I sincerely hope you have enjoyed the glimpse into the future as well as a blast into the past 6 months of IPA South Africa.

Thank you to each and every person who contributed the past year.
2017 is going to be a very busy and eventful year and I am looking forward to share it all with you.

Together we will build bonds of friendship.

Elbie Gore
National Editor

National Newsletter – December 2016