Strategic Objectives

IPA South Africa has formalised its strategic objectives with the intent to  standardise its approach towards the fulfilment of the IPA objectives as is  contained in the International Statute, to provide the vision and direction of the  IPA and to ensure that it can operationalise its strategic objectives by setting goals that translates the strategy into the everyday execution.

  • To create and enhance the bonds of friendship between the IPA and the various police services nationally, to promote co-operation among the said services and to improve community police relationships
  • To establish IPA as a haven for the development, enhancement and promotion of cultural relations among IPA members, policing services and the public by large
  • To develop and deploy a dedicated IPA marketing strategy as well as material in order to recruit new members and retain existing members
  • To analyse and understand the needs of IPA members and to ensure that projects and initiatives are realistically aligned to their benefit and satisfaction (Surveys and Needs Analysis)
  • To develop and deploy a dedicated IPA communication strategy that is directed at enhancing communication with members internationally, nationally and regionally, as well as between the NEC, Regions and Branches, as well as with the PEB and other International Sections
  • To ensure that the principles of sound governance and ethical conduct as contained in the Code of Ethical Conduct of IPA South Africa are adhered to by IPA committees and members
  • To foster financial and other mutual assistance in the social sphere and to contribute, within the limits of IPA’s abilities, to the improvement of the lives of those in need – i.e. IPA members, police officials or the members of the community
  • To ensure that IPA South Africa within the rules as an registered NGO and through adequate strategic planning, sound financial administration, income generation and income diversification can sustain its responsibilities towards its overheads by increasing and sustaining its working capital
  • To ensure that sound financial principles and practices are applied with regards to income and expenditure and that the IPA complies with required legislation, norms, practices and standards
  • To promote the establishment of IPA Guest Houses and to ensure that IPA Houses established provide cost effective, quality and friendly accommodation to all IPA members, their families and other visitors within a framework of a well managed environment
  • To ensure that sound administrative principles and practices are applied with regards to administrative functions pertaining to IPA at a national and regional level
  • To ensure that sound governance processes are established, applied and being complied with, as well as ensuring that management reports are submitted in accordance with Constitutional and other requirements