Welcome to
The International Police Association’s
South African Section

A Non-Profit and Non-Governmental body made up of serving and retired officers from different police services worldwide.

  • Welcome to the South African Section of the International Police Association or better known as IPA.

    Our motto, “Servo per Amikeco” translates to “Service Through Friendship”.

    Service because without commitment, there is no friendship and without friendship, there would be no IPA.

  • Oldest & Largest

    For more than 60 years, the IPA has welcomed more than 420,000 members from over 100 countries, that is why the IPA is now known as the oldest and largest police association in the world.

  • Discover

    Whether it be social, cultural or professional, our gatherings are like discoveries that give sense to our values and our ideals of friendship, tolerance, and peace.

  • Develop


  • Enjoy

    By joining the IPA you will not only enjoy great benefits but you will also support our endeavours towards creating universal friendship through respect for human rights.

  • Your IPA

    The IPA is yours to discover, develop and of course, to enjoy.


  1. 63rd IPA World Congress

    18th September - 23rd September
  2. 2018 IPA National Council Meeting

    1st November - 4th November



IPA House Plaque
The Official IPA House Plaque

IPA Houses & Accommodation

Southern Africa

Various properties in member countries serve as official IPA Houses that offer members accommodation at a reasonable price.
Additionally, members have access to Other Accommodation at discounted rates for IPA members.

Ben Stevens Guesthouse [Durban]
Gamka-Moore Guesthouse [Beaufort West]
Johann Rissik Guesthouse [Pretoria]
Timour Hall Villa [Cape Town]